Man Luka women specially designed for urban women

Dongguan Han days Clothing Co., Ltd. under the brand women "Man Luka" keen to capture the psychology of modern urban women, through the capture of the essence of fashion and creative play, so that the fashion design style is unique, quality excellence, style On the constant innovation. "Man Luka" brand consumer groups positioned in the 18-35-year-old new women. They are the trendsetter in the city and are also the most supportive groups. Most of them belonged to white-collar workers and social elites, possessed higher social status and independent economic status, pursued individuality and freedom of life, and advocated the concept of quality in consumption. They long for fashion to enhance their superior image and express themselves through their clothing. To this end, they pay less attention to the price of fashion, but also concerned about the novel style, exquisite workmanship and wearing comfort.

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