Ma Tienu's high-end design brand Adana 2012 spring and summer women's new release

Recently, Ma Tienu's high-end design brand Adana 2012 spring and summer women's new release, to the advent of Women's Day, Adana Women is the 2012 spring and summer trends onto the stage, the scene shows a super fashion big Show!

La Danum ( Shenzhen ) is the top product line of the Shenzhen women's clothing brand Martino. It is a service concept of providing more advanced and professional services for the Chinese social elite. La Danum introduces the latest VIP club-style concept store's business model of "advanced clothing customization" , Bringing a new experience to consumers, extending the elegant and elegant line of the brand. The launch of La Danum has filled in the blanket of China's high-end clothing market model, further deepening the brand concept of high-end clothing and catering to the growing consumption needs of the affluent.

La Danum (Adana) from the birth of flowing soul dancers noble blood, the classic is not vulgar. Wu Suiping, head of La Danum, says all the inspiration for La Danum comes from respect for the beauty that will be made possible by the world's best designers, including the FABIO DE FELICE. This former chief designer of Girorgio Armani, a brilliant designer in Milan, gave La Danum a fantastic life.

La Danum's mission is to create demand, discover needs and meet needs. According to La Danum's brand leader, Adana will be the "people-oriented" core concept of individual consumer services for the concept of consumer service to take the high-level customized personalized service, the formation of the advantages of enhanced high-level differentiated clothing customization , So that consumers really experience the fashion / distinguished brand personality, as its best "private wardrobe" fashion consultant. At present, La Danum (Aidanna) first cry, in the most prosperous prime locations in Shenzhen, "Yitian Holiday Plaza", Beijing Shin Kong Place, Harbin Songlei Commercial Building, Dalian Friendship Store, Shenyang Mall of Excellence, Wangfujing Department Store in Taiyuan, Tianjin Friendship Commercial Building, Tangshan Phoenix shopping plaza, Shijiazhuang Xiangyu, Zhengda Garden Department Store in Zhengzhou, Hohhot Victoria International Plaza, Erdos Yiyumen Shop, Hulun Buir Ishidan Shopping Center, Baotou Bai Bai blue sky shopping center, Yinchuan poetry Nan old man, Kunming magnificent, Chengdu Far East Department Store, Chongqing Pacific Department Store, Shanghai Paris Spring, Wuhan International Plaza Shopping Center, Wuxi Yaohan, Daqing Department Store, Nanyang Hongdu Times and other provinces across the country to open stores.

Children service sets

Every baby is an angel to a family, baby food also touched the hearts of every one in the family. Children`s car bowl, it is a creative dish. Subdued color, unique shape, rich interesting cartoon picture. A series of Children` tableware sets, let the children have their own dinner service.

The bowls, cups, spoons...are all made of bamboo fiber, it is safe, healthy.

For your babys, please choose a product which is suit them.

Bamboo fiber Children's tableware

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