Love yarn group become dangerous machine, comprehensively enhance anti-risk ability

Crisis includes two meanings, one is dangerous and the other is opportunity. This year, due to raw materials, labor, store rent increases, profit decline, inventory increases, so many underwear enterprises are facing a crisis of survival. However, the danger and opportunities coexist. The key is how to turn "danger" into "opportunity" and comprehensively enhance the anti-risk ability and core competitiveness during the crisis.

As the old saying goes: Curse of happiness rely on, Fu Xi curse of the volts. China's first brand health underwear love yarn Baby Zou Jifu, director of marketing, said the underwear business as we know, the economic downturn is not a bad thing, is a test of the anti-risk capability and business intelligence opportunity, crisis faded, business prospects remain good. There are many things to do next, but in the final analysis, there are still many opportunities for innovating products, optimizing services, doing fine sales, and tapping the market.

Speaking of core competitiveness, Zou Jifu said that the core competitiveness of enterprises is that competitors know your strengths, but that is unable to go beyond the short term, underwear industry to obtain sustainable development, it must be to improve the core competition Work hard. In the underwear industry, such as love and other businesses, started earlier, now has formed a super brand advantages and channel advantages. Love yarn group also through mergers and acquisitions, so that enterprises generally enhance the anti-risk ability, the future Love yarn group will enter the field of children's clothing or more areas, so you can gradually become more powerful. But for us young apparel companies, the only thing to do right now is to build a company based on their core strengths and enhance their ability to resist risks.

As Mr. Zou said, Love yarn group's core strengths are the brand and channel, but also their core competitiveness, this core competitiveness is formed through years of market sharpening and accumulation. Love yarn Group listed in Hong Kong in 2009, 2010, landing in Shenzhen, China, has now developed into a lingerie research and development center, two underwear processing plant, more than 3,000 employees, four underwear brand , set underwear research and development, production and sales , Joined the large modern enterprise group.

Love yarn group's star brand Love yarn baby underwear, with exquisite design, perfect details, high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics, fit the cut, the price of people first, impeccable self-cultivation effect, by the beauty of women of all ages and praise. Brand determines the market, winning by wisdom is the survival of the enterprise magic, especially in the context of the market downturn, Love yarn Group understands this. In brand building, Love yarn Group believes that the real brand value should come from quality, value and reputation, rather than advertising and concept battle.

In order to endanger the machine, Love yarn group frequently force. This year apart from the integration of resources, the four major brands operate independently, it is acquired by Wo song, then hire high-level management and marketing personnel Zhang Xiaoqing high-level CEO of Love yarn Group, all these efforts only to enhance the anti-risk ability of enterprises to create the core competition force. We have every reason to believe that with the wisdom and efforts of lovers, the future of Loving Yarn Group will certainly be beautiful and brilliant!

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