Love to create children's clothing tide raid feather you

MILBOY love manufacturing brand under the Shanghai dry-Rui Garment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Rui-Rui love children's clothing manufacturing excellent fashion design and fashion grasp ability, many brands in Japan and South Korea fancy, Japan and South Korea and other countries to provide children's clothing design and production . Love to create flagship store for you to show sections love to create children's clothing, authentic guaranteed! Since its inception, we have been committed to become China's best children's clothing brand, love making children's clothing for 2 years have been 50% speed in the development, love to create children's clothing in love to create flagship store driven by sales exceeded 100 million Yuan, love making flagship store network sales in major cities across the country. 2010 love to make children's clothing further breakthroughs in innovation, we design a variety of children's clothing styles have won awards in foreign countries. With love to create children's clothing, it has become a pursuit of young people now.

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