Look from the color of the underwear woman's personality characteristics Which color do you like?

The ever-changing colors of underwear , different colors will give people a different feeling to see, often can see the wearer's personality and hobbies. Xiao Bian today and Psalm together for everyone to analyze how to look under the color of the underwear from a woman, men must see oh.

Enthusiasm of the red, like the Spanish girl has the same never-ending surging enthusiasm, relative impulse recklessly, acting bold style, there is a high chance of chasing boys, is suitable for Sagittarius, Leo women.

People who like the same color as the sea are more calm and rational. Their performance is broad-minded, infinitely tolerant, often indifferent to the things around them, and do not make any comment. They particularly hate the feeling of being an actress. They are the more beloved colors of mindful career women.

从内衣颜色看女人的性格特点 你喜欢哪种颜色?

Black is the most common color, every woman's wardrobe is usually prepared with a black, to create a mysterious feeling. People who like black self-protection color is very strong, there is no sense of security, the appearance of hardened heart is very fragile, like hidden thoughts, not easy to be seen by others.

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