Lint cash market lacks a strong boost, difficult to improve operating conditions difficult

Recently, the price of domestic lint kept a long-term stable after some quotations showed some slight increases. Among them, the price of 229 lint in Fujian Province was 19,550 yuan / ton, the price of 329 grade was 19,250 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan over the 12th / Ton, but the market turnover is still light, is expected to not change significantly in the short term. The sluggish demand in the international market, the serious economic downturn in the EU, the marked slowdown in the domestic economic growth, the slowdown in the textile industry's production and sales, and the active bidding by the textile enterprises in the State Reserve's cotton reserve in the earlier period have made some replenishment of raw materials stocks generally 30-45 days Between the basic temporarily to maintain normal boot production, short-term replenishment will not be large, are limiting the enthusiasm for the procurement of raw materials stocks. According to a relevant person in charge of an enterprise in Zhejiang Province, the plant currently stocks about 30 days of raw materials, while the finished product inventory up to 600 tons, more and more difficult since the sales of cotton yarn in November, the capital chain stretched tight, easily buy a lot of lint easily. It is understood that with the introduction of foreign countries through the port tariffs on customs clearance of 40% full measures, a large number of foreign cotton inflow into the country, and further squeeze the cashmere spot market. At present, the purchase of cotton seed in the new year by the enterprises of the new year is mainly used for handing over the storage after processing more and less, and only a few of them flow into the market. The supply of domestic cotton in the spot market is reduced. The willingness of the holding manufacturers to keep their prices is enhanced. The gap between domestic and foreign lint prices is generally high 4000-5000 yuan / ton, textile enterprises favored by foreign cotton added, spinning enterprises in the case of lack of foreign cotton quota, began to gradually pay 40% tariff directly to buy better quality cotton, greatly increased the domestic cashmere spot market pressure. In addition, lint processing costs are higher, cotton prices are mainly based on delivery, the willingness to hold higher, most companies said they would rather backlog in the hands of, and never lose money sales, only part of the capital turnover difficulties of enterprises, in order to return the funds to maintain the acquisition , The price of lint can not be handed over storage price promotions, but a small proportion, still will not bring much impact to the market. It is also understood that the textile enterprises are very concerned about whether the country once again throws reserves. According to a person in charge of a Shandong company: "The last 18,500 yuan / ton of throwing storage prices within the acceptance of the enterprise, the overall enthusiasm for the bidding is very high, but due to bidding for the State Reserve cotton required a relatively large amount of funds, resulting in The final volume is not high. "However, if the latter part of the country to implement a new round of storage and throw policy, throwing reserve price of the spot price will play a great guiding role. Overall, the difficult situation for textile enterprises is hard to be improved, and the lint cash market lacks a strong boost. It is expected that there will be limited space for future price increases, a slight increase in lint prices or a tracing measure for traders, and the latter should pay close attention to whether the country will throw Storage.

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