Laughter laughter brand children's clothing to create a different childhood

The romantic fashion from Paris, France combines Chinese children's fashion elements, creating children's clothing brand with Chinese characteristics and integrating the upstream supply chain with unique and unique laughs and fish-specific fabrics, so that every child has a special children's clothing brand. Laughter laugh special (special planning, special childhood): "Do not take the unusual road" "Different childhood" has become the common goal of individual children grow up, laughter fish special planning 2 times a year "desk calendar star" Activities and orders will be "model draft" activities for each child like laugh fish show personality, enjoy the stage happy and honorable honored, really feel masters, become a special memory of the laughing fish owner.

High Load-power Spandex

With perfect elastic recovery, the resilience of fabrics with Aoshen® High Load-power Sapndex is improved by 20% compared with those under same draw-ratio. These series of products can be widely applied to the fabrics with high requirements on elasticity.

High Load Power Spandex

[Technical Superiority]

1. Big elastic elongation, high intensity and good recovering effect;

2. Fabrics produced by this series have fine wearing ability and durability;

3. The cloth surface is close-knit with heavy feeling.







High Load Power Spandex

High Load Power Spandex

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