Lace Lin Dai brand women lead the fashion trend

The "LS & LD" brand apparel absorbs the essence of the European fashion concept, sensitively captures the international fashion elements, integrates the national tradition, infuses the modern fashion, the dynamic design concept, the collocation of colors, the subtle grasping of the details and the profound structure Sentiment, making "LS & LD" clothing each piece are located in the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend.


LS & LD, a women's wardrobe, is designed for all modern women who are independent, free, fashion-conscious and quality-conscious in every major city in the world. Core consumers positioned between the ages of 25-40, it is fashionable and not assertive, feminine without cumbersome; style and novelty fashion, the details at the Department of originality; with strong, really wear rather than monotonous boring, not only suitable for business office also suitable Leisure and fashion commute loaded, the success of this positioning is to capture the modern white-collar women's special pursuit of fashion - both fashion, but also to show the elegant and confident side.

蕾丝莲黛品牌女装 引领时尚潮流


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