Korean fashion wigs to see the pure temptation who can block

Long hair is too long to be cut, short hair is too short and can't be changed; then choose a real hair wig ... Strong plasticity, truly achieve change, fashion, trend; Korean wig is always keeping up with fashion changes, Today, Xiaobian introduces 9 new Korean fashion wigs for mm. Let's take a look at the mm with less hair or want to try it out.


Liu Hai, who is four or six points, runs down the line of his face, and his shoulders are long and asymmetrical, and they are full of movement, fresh and sweet, and have the feeling of elite white-collar workers. Not only the favorite of young and cute girls, but also the intellectual professional women can't put it down!


The sense of air bangs highlights mm without big eyes, the shawl has long hair and hair ends, and the curl is flexible and natural, so that mm can easily transform into a little princess. I have to say that the air Qi Liu is an essential artifact for ageing, and it is also a wild hairstyle~


This one is arguably student-like and has a long hair in the shoulder, which is very sweet and age-reducing. But this hairstyle is among the many customer choices, we are surprised to find that it seems to be more popular with women over the age of 30~


The Korean-style oblique bangs with air and the pear head of the shoulder are very cute and cute, and more fashionable and sweet than the previous one. This hairstyle is usually worn with some hair accessories, such as hair bands, headbands, hats, etc. are some casual surprises~


The thick Qi Liu is innocent and age-reducing, and the long waist is curled and curled. It is light and smart, and it is very fashionable and fresh.


If you want long hair and waist mm, you can try this wig. The air feels bangs highlights mm without big eyes, and the waist long hair spiral curls, fluffy and cute.


The shoulder-length curly pear head is undoubtedly the hottest hairstyle of this year. It is quite popular and loved by the beauty people. It is very pure and sweet, and it is even more innocent with the bangs .


This and the waist roll head , let mm seconds become a little princess in a fairy tale, very thin and sweet. This hairstyle was also the trend that slowly evolved from Korean drama~~


This hairstyle is more common, and it is also the choice of most people; it is more natural and fashionable without arrogance; the bangs of 28 minutes are sweet and natural, and the long hair of the chest is rolled to one side, which is even more lazy and sexy.

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