Korean casual style hip-hop sports wind fall and winter new wave to burst

Hip-hop style reminiscent of hip-hop boy, hip-hop dancer will your eyes to attract the past? This autumn and winter hip-hop again struck, but also the style of children Oh, moms quickly hoard goods to it, handsome hip-hop Korean casual style, autumn and winter of the new wave to burst. Photo credit: Barbie Rabbit Children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new autumn and winter Loose loose is the first comfort, sports and leisure wear is also the choice of mothers to the baby one of the styles of clothing, simple style, comfortable fabric, casual hip hop style show Autumn and winter to bring a knit cap a casual wear, do not want to attract eye hard. Photo credit: Barbie Rabbit Children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter want to do Street beat people? Then dress up together, a hooded sweater style, a pair of jeans, simple and elegant dress, enough hip-hop out of the street, then free to dance hip-hop, absolutely handsome to Oh. White sweater highlights the child's pure world, the stars embellishment and a touch of Yue move.

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