Koalablue brand children's clothing for children in China to provide stylish dress

Koalablue design from the Australian design headquarters, the design concept is to promote children's lively, cheerful and full of passion for the sun, the modern sense of urbanism and the vitality of the children together and continue to uphold its consistent foreign " Fashion childrens clothes, "the positioning for the young parents in mainland China to bring Australian-style children's clothing brand. In the design style inherited Koalablue brand has always been the fashion simple brand personality, through the design details and fabric handling, and with the traditional Chinese graceful perfect combination; for Chinese children's dress characteristics and the differences between the North and South regions Optimize integration, truly highlight children lively and lovely, healthy personality. Market prices, with easy prices and quality products, based on the global, Chinese children to provide fashion dress. In product fabric, color, style of choice to meet the psychological characteristics of modern city children and physical development characteristics, to achieve popular and practical echoes, fashion and health coexist, with the international popular cutting-edge design concepts and elements, combined with the characteristics of children in the East, The use of exquisite handmade craft design to make it fashionable and stylish casual, and highlight the children lively and lovely, healthy personality.

Women's Winter Slippers are one of our hot sales,which covers two collections:

• Women's sheepskin slippers.

 Our sheepskin of slippers are mainly Australian sheepskin , whose fur is much softer ,cosy and fluffy.

• Women's cosy slippers with faux fur

 This collections are with low cost to meet different market.

Even same styles, we could make in different materials to meet our clients' need.

Feel free to contact our sales, we could help you solve the problems, and make women's winter slippers fit your markets.

Women's Winter Slippers

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