Katkut å’” cool parent-child center share: Accompany your child for a healthy and happy summer vacation

The annual summer vacation begins again. In the face of a two-month long vacation, how should parents plan the children's holiday life? How can the child not only be fully relaxed during the summer vacation, but also be able to exercise and develop comprehensive ability?

First, you must first work out a vacation plan with your child. Children's holidays must allow children to make decisions, first listen to what the children have the requirements and plans, parents then provide their own opinions, and children to explore and work out a general plan. Adults respect their children’s opinions and it’s easy for them to follow them. Otherwise, parents’ forced arrangements can cause children’s resistance.

Second, to the children reported one or two interest classes. The school hours are usually tight, you can use the time of the holiday, according to the child's preferences reported one or two interest classes for the summer. For example: swimming, roller skating, etc. Now most families are only children. It is also lonely to have two companions without companions during the two-month vacation. The use of interest classes expands the children's social circle, and also allows children to learn a skill in the fun of playing.

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