Kang Lu Nisang Kong Tong under the surge underwear store opened

Brand underwear - Kang Lui ni a perfect interpretation of the women's fashion taste and unique style, leading the fashion industry underwear wave. Over the years Kanglu Ni adhering to the "chain management, integrity and win-win" approach to the operation, and gradually formed a set of brand integration promotion, agency, retail and franchise as one of the management and management system, sales year after year, franchise growth rapidly, showing Good development trend. 2012 May 20, Kang Luni underwear to join shop Chung Tong Ha Chung store grand opening! A unified brand image, a unified style of the store decoration, Kang Lui Ni fashion interpretation most vividly! Kang Lui brand underwear long-term commitment to environmental health and beauty products R & D and promotion, in this area has the absolute technical lead. Fashion naturalist brand advocates, green and healthy underwear concept, in line with and meet the modern women's fashion personality spending new ideas. Underwear shop decoration design image display Kang Lui Ni underwear brand establish the image is undoubtedly the focus of everyone, naturally exudes a unique elegance and never fade classic charm, it is admirable. Bra underwear brand underwear, underwear, home, leisure and other series of eight major products display Kang Lu Ni fashion elegance and clever and sophisticated design. High quality, low price is the perfect embodiment of Kang Lu Ni brand underwear cost-effective, but also to meet the needs of customers of different ages. Bra underwear series of well-organized exhibition, Kang Lui on the well-selected underwear products and sophisticated production in line with health, fashion, popular brand positioning, underwear industry to shape the strength of the brand Kang Lu Ni always firm core values ​​of the brand! Kang Lui to "become China's most valuable underwear brand chain" as the mission, after Kang Lini underwear chain brand is rapidly growing China's underwear chain industry's leading brand, Kang Lu Ni brand underwear for women from the exterior to the connotation, gestures are exudes eternal elegance rhythm. Welcome to visit the company, Kang Lui wish you success as early as possible to join underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy a healthy life! Reproduced, please indicate the source: Kang Lanyi underwear brand network! Join Free Hotline: 400-618-1989

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