JUMEL Ruima Women 2012 autumn mustard green wake fashion

Fresh mustard green, can easily awaken the slept fashion sensitivity of urban white-collar workers. JUMEL Ruima Women 2012 autumn color mustard green, black, camel and dark olive green and so on.

芮玛 - JUMEL

JUMEL芮玛女装2012秋季芥末绿色 唤醒时尚

JUMEL芮玛女装2012秋季芥末绿色 唤醒时尚

"JUMEL (Rui Ma)" is also its steady growth in the high-end women's brand . The "JUMEL" design team, chaired by the senior French designer, pursues the combination of creativity and classics, design and practicality, values ​​quality, and products without losing their youth, insists on creating a kind of introverted and elegant style. JUMEL believes consistent perseverance can achieve their eternal and elegant dreams in the lives of modern urban women.

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