Jie child clean underwear new products - rose love

Rose in full bloom gives people the vision of love, but love is not just a beautiful dream, although the flowers will fade, the heart's favorite but never dying, rose is the beginning of love, love of oath.

Xiaobian introduce you to today's Rose Love series of new products is the use of Textronic elastic lace design, the combination of flowers and wave graphics like extending over the flowers. And she is matching lightweight seamless underwear. Let's take a look at it


Thick cup with asymmetrical anti-light and empty cup Bra design; Cup, under the one-piece forming, steel ring plus built-in decompression zone, wearing "zero" pressure.


Thin cup section cup three-dimensional splicing, vest-style design, imitation small full cover like the cup from the cup has been extended to the back, the perfect cover.

Children Suit Set

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