Jay to get married in the summer wedding dress to wear what sleeveless dress with

Recently opened micro-Bo is slowly brushing ah, I heard that Jay was getting married, is this true? The so-called can not find a girlfriend do not worry, maybe she is still in primary school? You have to wait, how to wear clothes to attend the wedding? Sleeveless dress absolutely stunning you audience.

This sleeveless dress is definitely a fresh choice, in the summer to participate in the wedding will certainly be too hot, but this fresh sleeveless dress style to bid farewell to irritability, fresh blue stitching white, this two fresh colors with the whole clothing Can you not catch it? The blue part is the connection of flowers is very aesthetic feeling Oh.

周杰伦要结婚了 夏季参加婚礼穿什么 无袖连衣裙搭配

Sleeveless dress style, sleeveless style is the most suitable summer wear, yellow perspective effect embellishment even more dazzling, this yellow stitching white sleeveless dress style is very sweet dress. In the summer wear will definitely have unexpected eye effect.

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