Jade's "head" mainly refers to what

The “head” of jadeite mainly refers to the thickness and transparency of the structure of jadeite. The jargon is called “species” and the transparency is called “heads”. The finer the jadeite mineral particles, the denser the structure, the older the species, and the better the water head.

Industry professionals measure the transparency of light by the degree of light penetration into jadeite, also known as “good or bad heads, long heads or short heads”.

From the point of the emerald seed, jade can generally be divided into the following types:

Glass species: with glass luster, high transparency, sufficient moisture, its texture is pure and flawless, color is generally colorless; there are pure, bright, rich, uniform emerald green, it is the best in jade.

Ice species: fine texture, colorless or less color. Ice is characterized by a very good gloss on the outer layer, translucent to transparent, clear water, transparent, second only to the glass species, the kind of ice jade gives a feeling of ice and jade.

Oil clearing: Better transparency, uniform fine color, but darker, greenish grayish, blueish, cloudy green.

Soybeans: It is a very common species. The industry often has the concept of "ten to nine beans," which means that the bean species account for 90% of the total, which is characterized by lighter colors and thicker texture.

Anthocyanin species: The green distribution is irregular, uneven, and the hue and the vividness of the sun change a lot.

White land blue species: It is characterized by the end of white as a frost, but not transparent, green is relatively bright, blocky, irregular, green and white, very special.

Egg white seed: The texture is delicate, the transparency is slightly worse than the “ice seed”, and it is slightly opaque. It belongs to high-grade varieties.

Hibiscus species: better transparency, fine texture, grainy texture and no significant grain boundary. Belong to high-end varieties.

Horse tooth species: also known as porcelain species, fine structure, but not transparent, is a middle and low grade varieties.

Dry species: rough structure, strong grainy and opaque, is a low grade jadeite variety.

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