INXX SPORTS, starting from the space race, Imagine the infinite future

InXX's high-end trend sports brand INXX SPORTS, in the 19th autumn and winter series, uses the space competition as the inspiration to release the new season's trend sportswear and equipment.

The Space Race originally referred to the competition between the United States and the former Soviet Union in the space field in the 1960s. In 1969, American astronaut Armstrong first landed on the moon, and his small step became a big step for mankind, and the space race reached its peak. In the past 70 years, space is still full of unknowns, but technology has allowed us to see more and make some "unknown" become "known." It is a pleasure to explore for the expectations and imagination of the future. The rapid development of science and technology has inserted the wings of imagination into fashion. Designers put their works into the setting of future time and space, and people think about the future through wearing.

Under the guidance of futurism and deconstruction, INXX SPORTS draws on the silhouette design of the spacesuit, and is equipped with a circuit board element technology printing. The fabric is made of metal, reflective and luminous materials. It is flexible to disassemble the design elements and fit the sports experience. The neat cuts give the sportswear a more comfortable stretch. The bionic texture-in-one woven bottoming shirt is comfortable and fit, and the quilted jacket is light and warm, with a sporty dressing experience from the performance.

Under the power of technology, the stylish and avant-garde appearance brings an impressive visual impression. In the INXX 2019 A/W "SuperstrINg/Super String" show, Zhou Tanghao also chose the futuristic INXX SPORTS metal space silver jacket as a costume to bring Live performance.

INXX SPORTS 19 autumn and winter collections are now available.

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