Introduction of rubies produced in Africa

Longido and Lossogonoi in Tanzania, Africa produce high-quality pale purple-red-faced rubies, but smaller in size, and the Saul mine in Tsavo National Park, Kenya, produces high-quality large-grain rubies weighing 7ct.


The English name africanruby is a ruby ​​produced in Tanzania and Kenya. The former is often a ruby ​​with large particles, good color and poor transparency, mainly from the metabuto mountain range in the northeast. The latter's tsavo national park, the soul mineral, has some high-quality large-grain rubies that can be ground up to 7 carats; the northern part of the tana river produces high quality processed eggs. Curved ruby. In addition, rubies are also produced in places such as Madagascar in Africa. Many African rubies have polycrystalline twins and often form white gibbsite inclusions on the bicrystal surface due to hydration.

The English name kenyaruby is a ruby ​​from Kenya that is part of a similar red and sapphire deposit in eastern Africa. The main mining of the Johnsoul mine, discovered by the geologist John Sur in 1975, is located in the Caiwo National Park in Mangale, Taitatavat, Kenya. Various quality rubies and star rubies. It is said to be similar in color to Burmese rubies and is also easy to heat treat, so it is often sold as a Burmese ruby. Among them, 10% to 15% of the color is better, but most of the transparency is not good, and it is more suitable for grinding the egg-shaped ring face. The largest original stone is known to weigh 350 grams.

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