How to maintain the bracelet

A lot of friends wearing 砗磲 bracelets will encounter the same problem: how to maintain the bracelet?

First, keeping the cockroach clean is the most basic requirement. The smudge will destroy the whiteness of the enamel jewelry. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly. It only needs to be washed with water every few days. I believe no one can do this.

Second, to keep it clean is not only to require the surface to be clean, but more importantly to prevent the cockroach from coming into contact with acidic or alkaline substances. The human sweat also causes some slight influence on the porcelain, so it is best to avoid sweat with the sputum. contact.

Third, if you accidentally get stained, you can use a neutral shower gel and then dry with a soft cloth.

Fourth, cockroaches are shellfish with a hardness of only 3, so they cannot be squeezed and cannot be struck, otherwise they will break. Therefore, it is best to ask everyone to take off the enamel jewelry when engaging in some special activities to avoid collision.

Fifth, you can use baby oil to soak or wipe after cleaning work, which helps to preserve the cockroach. Olay can also be used, but it must be neutral.

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