How to distinguish between crystal and titanium crystal?

Characteristics of titanium crystal: hair with acicular or platy mineral titanium, shiny titanium gold after oxidation, some beads also contain very few brown-black hair minerals, is the most precious crystal today, The magnetic field is extremely strong, and it is extremely rare because of its attractive appearance. It is also the crystal with the highest price on the market.

Hair crystal characteristics: gold hair rutile with hair or gold shape, hair round and round, thin and many, natural titanium crystal is a kind of hair crystal.

Identification method: Titanium crystals also belong to the crystal group, but compared with the crystal, the titanium crystals are obviously in the form of a block, and the hair is thicker than the hair. The hairline hair is fine and dense, and the hair of the titanium crystal is extremely thick needle-like or plate-like, that is, the hair is coarse and dense like a plate, and the titanium crystal usually has a dark yellow color and some gold. The blonde crystal is lighter in color. Comparing the pictures of titanium crystals and blonde crystals: It is clearly observed that the color of titanium crystals is more golden, and the color of blonde crystals is much darker.

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