How to choose jade

Jade is mainly composed of jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite has become a treasure of antique lovers and jade collectors; jadeite is the jade jewelry seen on the market. How to distinguish the quality of jadeite, experts provide five simple methods:

Look at color: Color is the most important factor in assessing the quality of jadeite. There is no color jade, just a stone. The color is uniform, positive, strong, and positive. Uniform refers to uniformity; yang refers to bright color, giving people a sense of openness and no stagnation; thick means that the color is deep enough; it means that there is no other motley.

Look at the texture: Jadeite is a polycrystalline mineral formed by silicate under high temperature and high pressure. The size of its crystals will directly affect the smoothness, transparency and hue after honing. Therefore, the finer the polycrystalline structure, the better the texture of the jadeite.

See transparency: transparency and texture are the physical phenomena in which jadeite complements each other. Jadeite is as transparent as glass, and the fineness of the crystal inside it allows the light to shine directly without being blocked.

Look at the day after processing: the jadeite in the process without any bleaching, fading or dyeing treatment is “A” grade, the highest value; the jadeite which is bleached and faded is “B” grade, the value is second; the dyed jadeite is “C” grade , the value is lower.

Look at cracks: With cracks, regardless of texture, color, and transparency, it affects value.

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