How to choose a good cassia pillow

Cassia is sweet, bitter, and slightly cold. Cassia can clear the liver and improve eyesight, and benefit the water. Treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis ascites, hypertension, hoarding in children, night blindness, wind-heat eye pain, habitual constipation. What is the effect of Cassia Pillow Cassia Pillow and its effect on the human body? The larynx's eyesight and laxative effect, especially the cassia pillow, cassia seed is a traditional Chinese medicine, a mature seed for the legume annual cassia. Gan, bitter, slightly cold, into the liver. It has the effects of clearing the liver and improving eyesight, reducing blood pressure and lowering serum cholesterol.

For external use, the pillow is made of 3-4 kg of cassia seed, and it is packed into a pillow to make a pillow. The cassia is slightly cold, with a slight scent of grass, and it smells like sleeping in the grass. Its seeds are hard, and it can massage the acupuncture points on the head and neck. Therefore, it has a supporting effect on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and cervical spondylosis caused by liver yang.

Cassia, also known as Cassia, also scorpion, dog kidney beans, fake mung beans, horse hooves, Senecio. Cassia has the effect of clearing the liver and nourishing the eye, treating the liver and heat the red eye, the wind and heat and the liver and kidney yin deficiency, the darkness is unknown, and it also has the effect of laxative.

According to legend, there was a veteran in ancient times. Although it was over 100 years old, it was healthy and bright. So people competed for the Yannian fairy sorcerer, but the old man said that there is no fairy tales, just eating the cassia.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that the active ingredients contained in Cassia have the functions of regulating immunity, bacteriostatic, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids and clearing eyes. It has different degrees of inhibition on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and pneumococcal bacteria; it acts as a blood pressure lowering effect on the vagus nerve, which is comparable to the traditional antihypertensive drug; it can be reduced by catharsis Intestinal absorption of cholesterol, and feedback to regulate the metabolism of low-density lipoprotein; can prevent eye diseases such as myopia and senile cataract.

Precautions for the use of health pillows: First, most of the medicine pillows are medicinal materials, which may be mildewed after the tide. Therefore, when using the medicine pillow, pay attention to keep it dry, often put the medicine pillow under the sun, do not let the medicine pillow become the root cause of the disease; Second, the role of the medicine pillow is realized by drugs, in use At the time, it is best to be able to "psychologically use the pillow" and choose the appropriate medicine pillow according to the specific conditions of your body.

● Cassia has the effect of clearing the liver and improving eyesight and relaxing the bowels. Medical evidence: Cassia contains cassia, vitamin A, etc., has the role of protecting the optic nerve, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, regulating immune function.

●The cassia pillow is made of polyester fiber cotton and dried with cassia seed fillings.

●Pillow core can be used on both sides, using one side of the casket to meet different needs.

●It can extract cassia bag, dry and wash easily. Process: purchase → screening → washing → drying → sterilization → batching → fumigation → drying → filling → finished product, core material produced through strict production process, coupled with pillow technology and B-type design with patented technology Its health pillow is not only a veritable natural green product, but also a health repair massage for the human brain, heart, cardiovascular, cervical vertebrae, etc., so that the human body can recover, the meridian is smooth, promote blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, and improve The function of the internal organs. The seeds are hard and can massage the acupuncture points on the head and neck, so they have auxiliary effects on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and cervical spondylosis caused by liver yang. Cassia is widely used in natural physiotherapy, and is widely used in the fields of blood pressure reduction, laxative, and weight loss. In addition, the unique coolness of Cassia is particularly comfortable in summer, especially in line with the basic physiotherapy theory of Chinese medicine "hot head hot feet".

Baby Cassia Pillow Note:

It is generally believed that Cassia pillows are good but for newborns and babies? Are cassia pillows ok? 1. Is the baby comfortable with Cassia? Not very hard?

Cassia is a very hard granule, and the pillow is a bit hard. Therefore, it is not good to use a single layer of pillow fabric. It is best to add a layer of cotton to the inside of the fabric to stick a layer of cotton. This is soft and comfortable, but the family It is not good to do it. It is best to go to the pillow net to see the recommended professional children's pillows. Do it yourself as a multi-layer fabric! 2. What is the need to deal with the purchase of Cassia?

Cassia made a pillow to use the raw cassia, many pharmacies are fried, why is the Cassia bought from the pharmacy? Because it is fried. What do I need to do to buy Cassia? It is best to wash and apply it again, and the cassia for the child should be clean.

3. Is the baby using Cassia in the summer? Experts warn: It may be too cold!

The characteristic of summer cassia that is unique to Cassia is that it is especially comfortable to use Cassia for pillows in summer, especially in line with the basic physiotherapy theory of Chinese medicine "Cool Head Hot Feet" introduced by the pillow surface [1]. However, the general expert will tell you: Cassia pillow is the best for adults, cassia is negative and belongs to the cooler Chinese medicine, so it is not good to use cassia seed alone. All the cassia filling pillows are not for babies, especially newborns. it is good. Pillow net experts have always suggested that it is best not to use cassia for newborn pillows. It is not impossible to use, but to use a part of the special fabric with cotton for the sandwich. It is best to use the double-sided structure of cotton. Experts caution that the cassia pillows for infants should be mixed with buckwheat shells and silkworms, preferably in composite, cassia seed + buckwheat hulls. Because of the better elasticity of buckwheat husks, children are more comfortable and safe.

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