How does jadeite identify whether it is A cargo?

How does jadeite identify whether it is A cargo?

How does jade identify whether A goods:

1, the first should look at the process, because poor materials will rarely be carefully built;

2, the general local light source is too strong or too weak, are used to adjust the original color is darker, such as oil green, light blue or green, or as the yellow sputum is too light and deep;

3. After taking the water, take a picture, cover up the dryness or increase the water quality;

4, the background is black or dark gray, so that the contrast can be enhanced, and even the background color change brought by the PS can be masked;

5, for some small pieces (referring to very small, 5 pieces, etc.) without reference, with macro shooting, most netizens will marvel how there will be such a good appearance, the result is taken back after a look, regret . This phenomenon is more common, I have tried it once, but only once is enough.

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