How do sales newcomers let customers place orders?

As a newcomer, in the absence of the predecessors to teach you, you must first locate your product direction, and then continue to learn by step by step. To be a garment, you must first understand the clothing; to do hardware, you must understand its craft. Don't want to do it, but also want to do it. If you don't want to do it, you can't do anything well. With a good product, there will be good orders from good customers.

When I first entered the company, the supervisor gave me three sentences: You never know what the guest is thinking (so don't bother to guess); you never know what you are doing right (so don't shrink things when you do things); you never know Today's customers will not become competitors tomorrow (so the relationship is good, some things must be kept secret).

1, the price is the last word, especially for large guests, the consideration of price is higher than the consideration of quality. And don't think that you can't do the price you can't do. You can't do it for a penny in your house. It can be half a penny in other factories. Take the electronics factory as an example. There are more than 3,000 large and small places in Dongguan, Guangdong. The choice of guests is very large. Therefore, when the customer threatens not to cut the price and transfer the order, do not think that his price can not be transferred.

2. If the guest says that he wants to inspect the factory, your chance will come. Don't be bothered. Only the big customers will check the factory before placing the order.

3. Don't over-promote existing performances to interested customers.

4, the promised things to do, even if you can't finish, you must tell the guests in advance, don't drag the guests to ask. Integrity is too important, not just the company, personal integrity is also very important, even if the list is not made, at least to maintain the integrity in front of the guests, whether it is for the business, or for their future development is great.

5, the quotation should have skills, if the same capacity of MP3, the price is higher than SONY, who will be interested?

6. Respond promptly when receiving the guest's message. Even a public-format reply will let the customer know the efficiency of your work and respect for the guests. Sometimes when you think about how to reply, when you quote, the guest has already flew away. This is especially important for businesses that advertise on Ali or Global Sources and have a large amount of traffic every day.

7. What are the main factors when digging customers to consider whether to place an order?

8. Don't say "no" to the guests easily. Smooth processing is a good choice. For example, the target price of the guest can't be done, you can say "I will help you and the boss to fight for it", or recommend products that can reach the target price to the guests.

9. When I participated in the exhibition, I prefer to go to the day before, because in addition to the day before yesterday, most of the exhibiting businesses have no passion, and the price of the guests is almost exhausted. Businesses that think they have a fire eye are treated differently for their guests. These are very deadly. The show will leave a good impression on every visitor to your booth in a few days.

10. Customer development should be purposeful.

Sitting in the office, repeating the same work, sending emails, receiving emails... Many people have been working for months but have no orders, and even have no clue. I believe that most of the salesmen have experienced this situation. The reason is that there is no key customer at all, but a general connection, and it is naturally difficult to achieve results. To do business, be sure to confirm that your email is valuable to your guests before you start emailing new guests.

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