Hoplas fashion men's wear and Hu Bing together interpretation of male charm

HOPERISE Brand story - from Germany's high-end fashion men HOPERISE is one of the Red Cross Hing International's key brands, the main high-tech fashion apparel products, founded in 1989. HOPERISE design headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and more than 100 countries in the world for the brand of intangible assets protection, the terminal market layout in Western Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, the radiation of the entire European and American markets. HOPERISE officially landed in China in 2009, the brand positioning as a high-end fashion men's new style, the brand advocates a positive and progressive attitude to life, is a successful and passionate men's fashion brand sought after. HOPERISE (Shanghai) Garments Co., Ltd. was established by the injection of Red Ruixing International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. HOPERISE Shanghai with the international fashion capital, the international advantages of resources and the combination of China's outstanding talent in the way R & D, terminal construction and branding, HOPERISE brand branded with a unique German fashion label. In October 2011, Hu Bing officially became HOPERISE fashion gentleman, with his unique fashion perspective to lead the elite men's dress philosophy in China. Different from the traditional celebrity endorsement model, Hops and Hu Bing will adopt a new endorsement model. In the future, Hu Bing will not only advertise Hoplay's clothing, but also participate in the style positioning, R & D and design of the brand's clothing, The fashion experience and ideas into the HOPERISE clothing.

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