Han Lier home service exquisite embroidery high-end luxury

Han Lier meditation brewing heart pure, pure and elegant interpretation of the body in the Smart, beautiful and original art roots, will become the Han Lier, the embodiment of the top 100 and selected as the fall, Han Lier took off in the flourishing world , Millions of households, falling on the top of fashion, and Tingtingyuli, warm world will be exuded a fragrant.


Hanli Er home service pure and elegant interpretation of the Smart Body

Han Lier home service is a classic never ending silk is rich, luxurious, enchanting best interpretation. Elegant and bright colors, light and smooth and elegant, to the traditional cardigan suits, bedroom sexy private nightdresses, and gorgeous outdoor wear almost everything! For the pursuit of high quality women's life to bring unique Wear to enjoy!

Han Lier home service
1. Exquisite embroidery luxury, super-soft natural silk thread, giving you the feeling of supple to the limit, fit the skin more smoothly, as if intovaded the smooth milk;
2. High color saturation, bright light colors, soft orange warm throughout the winter, burning cold, enchanting a whole season.
3. Elegant texture of women in gestures full of flavor. Beaded belt at the waist to make a knot, mini curve super visual impact.

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