GUESS brand 2012 autumn and winter new interpretation of the most elegant IN sexy shape

GUESS brand autumn and winter 2012 new theme is minimalist + complex contradictions combination! GUESS overall dress bead design is full of charm, and black minimalist style and full of sexy, so the very combination of style, with exotic snow leopard print Is the flagship of the fall, with a single product leopard jacquard seems wild! Dark dress, with sequins to be embellished, GUESS dress interpretation of the most elegant IN sexy shape.

盖尔斯 - GUESS

GUESS品牌2012秋冬新款  优雅演绎最IN性感造型

GUESS (Gerces) was founded in 1981, initially from the cowboy, bent on American-style four brothers Marciano, came to this free paradise from the south of France, but ran into the depression period of the US apparel industry, but they First introduced "Monroe" skinny jeans sold overnight overnight, so GUESS brand was formally established.

GUESS品牌2012秋冬新款  优雅演绎最IN性感造型

In terms of products, GUESS started as a manufacturer of jeans. As a result, GUESS sells men 's and women's fashion, children's wear , swimwear, footwear, watches and clocks, fine accessories, handbags, glasses, perfume and luggage. 2000 autumn and winter, GUESS launched the series "GUESS Premium", a high-quality Italian denim, with the European design of high-style men and women jeans series. In 2003, GUESS and Parlux Fragrances Inc. patented cooperation launched GUESS perfume series, on the other hand show GUESS sexy and stylish side.

GUESS品牌2012秋冬新款  优雅演绎最IN性感造型

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