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Guangzhou Garment Co., Ltd. is the main underwear girl underwear brand , soft-Qi brand positioning healthy, comfortable, youthful, natural. Soft-underwear independent research and development, full of Oriental girl's body features, color, aesthetic and other considerations, "I have no people, I have excellent" product philosophy, each product is a soft-Ki " Love "dedication. "Soft-cream" girls underwear products, stitches are carefully selected, the most comfortable use of cotton and other materials, each product is soft Ki "love" to pay!


Soft underwear brand in all provinces and cities nationwide have their own shops and agents for young girls in their puberty, and according to the age divided into three stages, according to different stages of the development of different girls underwear products, from the store location image Design product distribution and then to internship training counseling, we do so that each franchise have been soft Qi "love" care. Rui Qi underwear for girls to grow up healthy and happy.

柔淇精品少女内衣 对东方少女爱的付出

Beautiful life, we aspire to! Beautiful career, we pursue! We firmly believe that: outstanding professional soft Qi, will bring young girls the healthiest care and the most intimate love; leading the fashion and healthy soft Qi brand, will be more perfect interpretation of the first brand of Chinese underwear girl's infinite charm.

 Jelly Candle is one of crafted candle,like Coffee Scented Candles, which process is:in every 100 ml liquid paraffin add 4, 12 g thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber, made from 30, 70 with butadiene styrene.After solidification is cellophane tape shape body, can irrigate in a different shape of transparent glass,is called Glass Candle,also dimensional named jelly candle. 
Jelly candle same as Candle Sets , can be also put all kinds of ornaments, and a variety of colors, such as flowers, grasses, insects, fish, shell, pebbles, and small animals, etc., thus it can be made into many lifelike wax, jelly candle have greatly expanded the craft candle pattern varieties. 
Jelly  candle can be burned completely , no smoke during burning, combustion process and dies without peculiar smell.Jelly candles in the future is expected to continue to be one of the main varieties of the candle market.

Glass Candles

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