Garment accessories industry: small zipper, big market

Editor's Note: Through the research on the domestic zipper large-scale enterprise Zhaoxing shares, the international zipper leading enterprise YKK, the luxury zipper RIRI zipper, the button leader Weixing shares and other clothing accessories enterprises, the paper analyzes the most potential and market of the garment accessories industry. Two sub-sectors: zipper and button industry.

Through the research on the domestic zipper large-scale enterprises such as Zhaoxing shares, the international zipper leading company YKK, the luxury zipper RIRI zipper, and the button leader Weixing shares, the focus is on the two potentials of the garment accessories industry with the greatest potential and market. By industry: zipper and button industry. The zipper and button industry's current competitive situation and future development prospects are as follows:

Quality details - zippers 1. Small zippers, large markets, high-end market is almost monopolized by foreign companies, and low-end market is dominated by small businesses. According to the statistics of the Clothing Association, the global zipper market in 2009 was about 60 billion in size. In the high-end market of zippers, YKK's market share is over 80%. The high-end luxury market is dominated by Swiss RIRI zippers. Domestic zipper manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. According to statistics from the China Zipper Association, Chinese zipper companies have about 2-3 large enterprises with fixed assets of 100 million yuan and annual sales of over 300 million yuan. The competition of domestic enterprises is mainly concentrated in the low-end market.

2. There is a big gap between domestic large-scale enterprise zipper companies and foreign brands, and domestic brand apparel development has brought about good development opportunities. Compared with YKK domestic zippers in the process technology there is still a large gap, but there are obvious advantages in cost price. Domestic brands have developed rapidly under the background of rapid increase in per capita income in China. For example, domestic brands such as Mayang Apparel, Semir Apparel and Baoxi Bird have grown at an average annual rate of over 30%. The rapid expansion of domestic brands requires garment accessories companies with certain scales and brand guarantees to support them. YKK's products produced in China before 2005 were mainly exported to foreign high-end brands, and did not incorporate domestic brands into key customers. In this way, there are huge opportunities for development and space for accessories manufacturers that have begun to take shape, such as Zhaoxing and Weixing.

3. The zipper industry's competitive landscape, high-end technology, low-end prices. The high-end market is slightly less sensitive to price, but the technical requirements are higher. The zipper companies in China are still far from the international advanced level in terms of technology. Although YKK's market share is gradually declining every year, domestic companies do not have the strength to confront them in the short term. In the future, the development opportunities of domestic zipper companies mainly come from the rapid development of domestic brand apparel. The low-end market is basically in a low-price sales competition model, while domestic large-scale zipper manufacturers have higher costs than small-scale enterprises. The medium-low-end market does not have a competitive advantage. From the profit model and development prospects, domestic large-scale zipper manufacturers need to make breakthroughs in the mid-to-high-end market. This will inevitably require continuous improvement of R&D technical capabilities and allow the product quality to approach the international advanced level.

Taste Details - Buttons 1. The market capacity of buttons has a strong correlation with the output of apparel. The increase in the decorativeness of buttons enables the market volume of buttons to grow at a faster rate than that of apparel. In 2009, China produced 23.75 billion pieces of garments. According to the statistical data of the Garment Accessories Professional Committee of the China Garment Association, the market demand for button products in China in 2009 was around 95 billion tablets. According to the statistics of “China Fashion News”, only 30% of the button's connection function is currently available, and 70% of them are responsible for decoration. The increase in the decorative function of buttons and the rapid growth of branded apparel have increased the frequency of use of buttons. In 2000, the demand for buttons for each garment was 2.4 tablets/piece, and in 2009 it increased to 4 tablets/piece. From 2000 to 2009, the compound annual growth rate of the total demand for buttons was 14.6%, which was higher than the 12.57% increase in the number of garments.

2. In the middle and high-end buttons, design and sales services are core competencies. Currently, 50% of the button market is in the mid- to high-end market. In the future, as the consumption upgrades, the market share of high-end buttons will also continue to expand. The functionality of the buttons is relatively simple, and the current domestic production process has also reached the international advanced level. Due to the strong decorative attributes of the buttons, the requirements for the personalization, variability, and fashion of buttons are correspondingly higher when designing apparels for branded apparel. This requires apparel accessories companies must have a relatively strong R & D and design capabilities, and even participate in the design of brand apparel, buttons corresponding to specific clothing styles, style design. The core competitiveness of the button's products is based on the assurance of a certain quality, and its design is even more important. The enhancement of the design requires that the key customer companies be equipped with corresponding design and service personnel, which makes the perfect sales network particularly important. Nowadays, the competition among small and medium-sized enterprises is fierce. Every year, the profit of thin paper cannot sustain continuous R&D and design investment, and the perfect sales network is laid. Large enterprises have obvious first-mover advantage, and now it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the high-end button market.

3. Buttons in the low-end market: the naked cost structure, the market is in complete competition. Low prices are kings, and large companies have no competitive advantage. In addition, the raw materials for buttons are bulk commodities, and their cost structure is very transparent. The industry has such a pricing method: metal button material is mainly metal, can be weighed according to weight: if each copper button, how much weight, how much copper price per kilogram, etc., can directly calculate the price of the button. At present, the production of small and medium-sized buttons in the country does not have the ability to improve the level of design and research and development. The products are mostly based on plagiarism and the homogeneity of products is serious. Such a competitive environment is close to a completely competitive market. It is difficult for a single button manufacturer to raise prices, and it is only possible to maintain a low level of profit. Because button production is labor-intensive, labor costs account for 15%-20% of main operating costs. The standardization of labor employment and taxation in large-scale enterprises makes their product costs less competitive than SMEs. With the escalation of domestic consumption, the middle and low-end market share of buttons has also shrunk year by year.

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