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Yingli beauty underwear brand underwear Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yingzi Beauty Underwear brand, Yingli beauty brand underwear with colorful and decent personality, personal comfort Zhuoer extraordinary feeling, and gradually formed its own unique charm, for the majority of women Beloved

Yingzi beauty is a professional R & D, fast-running underwear-based international lingerie brand operating group. After years of development, the company has now started its business operations in 32 major cities and regions in mainland China, with nearly 100 self-owned stores and more than 1,800 franchise outlets. Over 500 people have set up underwear design, research and development, production and marketing together Elite service team.

Affiliate Support:

1, waive the franchise fee: to join the 0 cost, reduce investment risk

2, free delivery decoration props: the headquarters will provide franchisees a certain percentage of the opening image, props, material support, allowing you to achieve low operating costs.

3, free return props: headquarters based on the franchisee sales, the implementation of the incentive repair decoration, the real decoration 0 cost you, the value of profit margins for your franchise more open more favorable.

4, free regular training: headquarters every year according to the development trend of the market preparation of "actual training syllabus", franchisees provide free training for many times

5, free start-up support: free headquarters to provide stores location, inspection, to assist the opening, allowing you to reduce the time to prepare for exploration rapidly into the market.

6, free nanny caring service: the company will be based on market changes and franchise stores of the specific circumstances of each period, from time to time to send customer service commissioner or supervisor on-site guidance services

7, ultra-low discount supply: share the headquarters set design, development, production advantages, reduce intermediate links, reduce operating costs and enjoy premium profit margins.

8, long replacement period: the company to give franchisee flexible replacement period, allowing you to operate without worries!

9, the value of profit margins: Cost-effective products in the franchise to ensure sufficient profit margins, but also make the goods in the market competition has a strong price advantage and competitive advantage.

Various products of Microfiber Hair Turban & Hair Towel, providing product images and basic parameters with each Microfiber Hair Turban & Hair Towel and Microfiber Hair Cap; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Microfiber Hair Turban & Hair Towel, and look forward to your cooperation!

Product Type:
Microfiber hair towel
Nylon / Polyester
Fabric Type:
Plain Weave
Warp Knitting
Eco-Friendly, higher water absorption


Dry Hair Towel

Dry Hair Towel

dry hair salon towel durable absorbent hair towel cloth ,higher water absorption

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