Fast breast internal and external combination is very important

Some chest average girl has been bothering when the chest can be large today, Xiaobian gave those chest average girls introduce some methods such as diet, massage underwear , simple exercises, sitting posture and little tricks, as long as you insist on a few months, with a perfect cup on Definitely not a difficult task.

Modern medicine has long proved that the development of women's breasts and food have a great relationship. You know, the breast is rich in fat glandular tissue, in addition to some people due to genetic and endocrine hereditary genetic causes breast development will be more rapid than their peers, in order to enhance the development of the breast the day after tomorrow to eat some to stimulate Endocrine food is particularly important.


Figure: Pamela underwear

1. Protein - to increase protein intake in the diet, can promote normal breast development. Especially in adolescence, should be adequate intake of these nutrients to ensure that the breast can be fully developed and beautiful. And protein can also promote skin metabolism, maintain flexibility, anti-aging, comprehensive features.

2. Beans - beans nutrients can help promote gonadal development, phospholipids soybeans, peanuts, or rich in protein almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc., are good breast food; eggs and milk Both contain vitamin B, can help hormone synthesis, and sea cucumber, pig's feet, tendons and other collagen-rich foods, but also many mm favorite.

3. Vitamins - Vitamin beautification of the chest is an important nutrient elements, including vitamin C, such as grapes, grapefruit and so on, to prevent deformation of the chest, vitamin E-rich celery, walnuts, etc., to help the chest development. Vitamin A component, beneficial hormone secretion, and vitamin b, such as beef, milk and liver, etc., eat more vitamins help hormone synthesis, make the chest more perfect.

4. Fat - Needless to say, I believe many sisters have the experience of "reducing weight and reducing chest". The most important component of fat in the chest is fat. Therefore, do not over-diet to lose weight, proper intake of rich Fat-containing foods, chest size is essential to maintain the action.

Have to mention here a lot of stars are highly recommended nozzle stimulation method, every day in the shower to adhere to the use of hydraulic nozzle on both sides of the breast massage, stimulate the blood circulation of the chest tissue, a few minutes a day, the curve will be unconsciously fullness.

Another benefit to develop massage habits is to always protect the health of the breast, palms full contact with the outside of the breast, and then focus on the action from the outside gently rub lymphatic drainage can reach the role. Also allows you to check your breasts at any time while massage the foreign body sensation.

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