Emperor dream lingerie to achieve the beautiful dream in your heart

Elegance, fashion, comfort and health are the dreams of every woman's heart. Drepulo helps them realize this dream with agile fashion sense, perfect design and high-end material. It is proficient in underwear material, style, functional aspects of thoughtfulness, not only in love with women can reflect the noble and confident temperament, but also love the subtleties of women's physical and mental health care, leading the pursuit of fashion in urban women in colorful life Discover your own beauty, to achieve the taste of life.


The target consumers of "Dream of the Day Dreams" are young urban white-collar women who have the style, the pursuit of quality and unique individuality, the awareness of brand consumption, the care of themselves and the change of trend. They have a certain cultural level and stable family income, and have a certain aesthetic ability, fashion and high-quality life has a persistent pursuit.

Polyester Gloves, different style is available

For Marching band polyester hand gloves

Style: Solid or Flash color stretch gloves

size for women, one size fit all

Great for cheerleaders, guards, drill teams and pep bands

Color: White, Red, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Black, Maroon, Purple, Yellow ect.

Flash Gloves Red and White

Polyester Gloves

Polyester Gloves,Polyester Shell Glove,Stretch Polyester Gloves,School Polyester Gloves

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