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Shenzhen Jimei Fashion Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is a clothing brand enterprise under Shenzhen Rongbo Investment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Rongbo Investment Co., Ltd. owns 11 holding and related companies. It is a leading investment and financing business, integrating real estate development, property management, IT, apparel brand management, hotel management, environmental protection and energy saving product development, and motor vehicle zero. A comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating accessories trade.
Shenzhen Jimei Garments Co., Ltd. has a women's brand “ema inc” and exclusively introduces French high-end fashion accessories brand “modafille”. It is dedicated to leading the fashion dress and match taste of urban intellectual women; advocating personalized and diversified collocation without Lost elegance dress concept and costume culture.
In 2012, the head office focused on the development of the “Ema inc” brand of Kyrgyzstan and the United States, and will make new reforms and enhancements in terms of products, marketing, brand management, image packaging promotion, talent introduction and training. With the spirit of innovation, self-confidence and pleasure, we provide advanced system management and service support for brand development.

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