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Hayes Moore is Shandong Huaxing Textile Group and Qingdao Ocean University after years of joint research efforts to extract from deep sea snow crab health function fibers, is the only animal in nature with positively charged fibers. Hayes Moore has the effect of inhibiting the growth of fungal skin harmful effects, according to the national authority of the testing bodies and international standard SGS test SGS detection, Hayes fiber has significant inhibitory effect on fungi and viruses, especially against Candida albicans Over 92% of the bacteria rate, effectively prevent vaginitis, beriberi, wound ulceration and odor and other skin discomfort, promote human health.


D + D is a high-grade personal care brand specialized in serving end consumers of Shandong Huaxing Textile Group. D + D regards Hayes Mori health fiber as the soul, supplemented by fashionable and humane design and the entire non-toxic spinning production process , To achieve the perfect combination of health, fashion and comfort. The concept of D + D is "Out of Health, Pampering Nature," targeting high-end products targeting 25-45-year-old elites; the D + D product range currently includes underwear , panties, socks and home textiles, Will add infant and personal care products, a veritable "personal health care experts." In order to make D + D more rapid development and growth, the company hired professional apparel industry operators and franchise chain professionals, the establishment of Beijing Huaxing Haicheng Biological Technology Co., Ltd., is responsible for D + D brand operations and management.

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