Corso Fashion 2013 summer four series with new recommended

Clothing does not speak, but it is the first sound of human and self communication with others hello. No wonder Balzac said "clothing is the performance of people, his political beliefs, his way of life, put it bluntly, is the hieroglyphics." This season, the Corso fashion is flourishing in the way of gradual bloom, whether you love the Hepburn elegance, romance, Monroe style of sexy, charming, or as princess-like luxury, let the first dialogue with yourself, find the heart Need to be a beautiful pretty woman. Xiao Bian today to introduce several new models of summer fashion Casas, share a feast of fashion.

卡索 - Castle

Jazz era:

Inspired by the Art Deco architecture and 1920's neutral dress, this is a hugely influential theme of traditional men's clothing , with the line of contemporary architecture transformed into a unique geometric figure that outlines, divides colors, runs through, and adorns the Art Deco style The print gives this collection a retro, elegant look that shows the elegantness of a social girl in a jazz night club in the 1920s.


Jungle Adventure

If travel can make people bloom like flowers, then memories can be reborn on this trip. Such a journey is a mature process with the perseverance and decisiveness of going out, the brewing and passion in the journey, the desire to find cravings and memories, the calm, bright blue and dark clouds Green people in the imagination to become magnificent and perfect, a variety of flowers in our body, like time and time again left the mark, like the desire to bloom again and again the moment.


Dream garden
The return of the sun, tells the gradual surplus of the talk of the delicate, real and unreal, inner beauty, are resting in that rest of the thirst, Clearer than the real scene gorgeous.


Marine temptations

Let the color burst out in the heat waves of the beach! The green, maritime antenna on behalf of the tropical rainforest blue, coral-like orange, combined with the dazzling variety of flowers, together occupy the beach, for the summer really fun opened Curtain.

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