Cool black technology T-shirt, cool down in one second, release summer cool

In summer, everything seems to be heating up. The sun, air, water, and hot emotions are fermented in the high temperature, forming the most unique and romantic enthusiasm of this summer.

There is no tenderness of spring and moving autumn colors, but the unique warmth of summer is always so vibrant, which easily pulls us back to the summer when the cicadas screamed in our memory. The open smiling face, the sunshine pouring in the cracks of the green shade, the young man’s mind is like a flickering cloud in the sky, youth swaying freely in the sweat-soaked summer, always feel that the future is still in the foreseeable... Countless summers have passed.

The summer that cannot be returned can only be missed, and there are countless surprises hidden in the summer that we are experiencing waiting for us to discover. Greet the summer, enjoy the summer, what fantasy and expectation do you have for the summer? The beer is put into the refrigerator, the Coke is added with ice cubes, the hula-la fan is turned on, and the air-conditioning fills the air, waiting for the holiday to see the sea. Maybe you need a cool and comfortable ice silk T to add a sense of ritual to this summer.

Cooler! Instant cooling sensation, long-lasting low temperature

What is it like to go out with "air conditioning"? Put on this black technology T-shirt and you will know that there is a little ice silk T that hides the secret of the cool summer. The new type of fiber used in Ice Silk T uses high-tech grinding technology. The special technology adds long-lasting heat dissipation powders such as jade and zinc, which can quickly guide the heat to the outer end of the fiber. The upper body immediately feels an instant cooling sensation, and the temperature is straight. The temperature drops by 3℃, and the cool touch will save us from the sweltering heat.

Wearing Ice Silk T can not only experience the magic of instant cooling sensation, but also maintain the comfort of long-term low temperature. The fabric releases negative ions to maintain a certain proportion of moisture through the physical friction of the human skin and the friction of the human body's convection, allowing the skin to continue to feel cold. Instant cooling sensation, long-lasting low temperature, no burden when traveling in hot weather.

More breathable! KO is stuffy, say goodbye to sticky

When you go out for 5 minutes and sweat for 1 hour in the sauna, you will inevitably feel the embarrassment of "wet body" even if you wear lightly. What you need at this time is a refreshing and breathable T-shirt. The high-density honeycomb mesh structure of the ice silk T can increase the gap between the fibers. Using the fine grooves on the fiber surface, the moisture and sweat on the skin surface can be discharged from the body and quickly evaporate, which improves the breathability of the fabric and maintains the skin and air. Circulation. Wear ice silk T in summer, and bid farewell to the sticky and stuffy feeling of wet clothes. Even if you have a hearty exercise in the hot summer, you can enjoy the refreshing and coolness.

More stylish! The version fits , the details are exquisite

The temperature keeps rising. In this hot season, there are any items that are both classic, versatile and comfortable. It must be this ice silk T-shirt. The 3D three-dimensional cutting of the shoulders close to 135° further modifies the body shape; 30 million+ human body databases, combined with human body mechanics, create the best version, which fits the human body shape and wears more comfortably.

The business-familiar temperament of the lapel style, the casual trendy style of the round-neck style, the rich color selection, not limited to a single scene, an ice silk T is suitable for business and leisure, and can be worn well in any occasion. Men provide more comfortable and stylish wear options.

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