Congratulations to Disney. Kai Women Shenzhen Longgang store grand opening

Recently, many clothing stores have opened in succession, all in the New Year or before Christmas opening, the festivals sent to the warmest clothing, Disney. Kai Women Shenzhen Longgang store also grand opening, opening a lot of new stores, look old and new Customers come, Diskin Kai women will be waiting for your arrival.


Disi. Kay women's Shenzhen Longgang store hanging display models, more prominent grade, color classification and version of the design, are enough for fashion women satisfied with the fashion you most favorite style it, Is the high-end atmosphere of the fur style, or low-key luxury woolen coat, a variety of new styles and colors are with you absolutely dazzling.



Shop style colors bright yellow as the main display, one can see the brisk style, it is attractive, taking advantage of the holiday before the beauty of you quickly choose for yourself a suitable clothing it.

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