Commonly used needles and patterns

Pearl land - (single hanging) on ​​the shirt straight one by one, and each one is a grain like a bead to help the bead (also known as the ingot needle); double plate row pin with the same four; The flower is half-turned flat; the bottom right side is loose, and the right side does not move (except for special requirements). Beads should open the bread pin, paying attention to the appearance and structure of the flower needle and the hanging and the left side of the code. The front coil is large and round, and the reverse side is very small. hw&~OJeo
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Wicker - (double hanging) 1X1 rib, in the shirt is also a straight one, but there is no bead, so called wicker, double board pin is the same as four flat; control button is fully open, the bottom left and right words code (put High), the left right word is loose (lower). (Alternatively, you can also change the wicker code. It depends on whether it is straight, the needle is opened at an oblique angle, and the needle and the flower code are used. Since each line includes multiple rows of coils, the width of the shirt is very good. The production speed is relatively slow, but the thickness and weight and the fullness of the hand are unreachable by other organizations. Bs-MoT!
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Playing chicken - the double-plate pin is the same as the four-flat, and the 1-turn is the same as the half-turn. The code is the same on the front and the back. It is more stable than the three-flat and four-flat. Because the tension of the woven coil is commensurate, it will not curl and is especially suitable for the need. Strong, dense and stable sweater. L_AQS9a^D
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Through the locker - (Osmanthus eye), the needle of the machine board is carried out by a few special needles, and the effect of the needle is several special. Twisted rope - also called gardenia, divided into 3 twists, 6 twists 6 sets, etc., there must be 1-2 bottom stitches on the left and right sides of the twisted rope, so that the body feeling of the twisted rope is displayed, (also known as twist). Here, for example, twisted rope has general twisted rope, butterfly rope, reins, etc. In the case of multi-needle twisting rope, several needles can be placed on the bottom of the twisted rope to lengthen the coil. Needle-pinning, single-needle or multi-needle of the same tissue can be moved in multiple directions. One, but the practice is more special, so listed. The same organization multi-needle overall movement.
Gu Bo - the pin is the same as the four flat. When weaving the valley, the bottom edge has two control buttons. The needle (single side) can be woven for a few more turns and then connected with the bottom needle to form a bulging wave and roll Xx. =.;FYk
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Single side - single board full needle, left and right needle triangle control keys are fully open, the word size is suitable for one side woven piece is a row of knitting needle weaving, unilateral stitching is side by side in the same plane @,TCg1@QJ
:sek MNM
Four flats - the double board is full, the four control keys are fully open, and the code is appropriate. Siping is a double-sided woven fabric woven with two rows of diagonal needle plates. The knitting needles of the two-sided machine board are all operated, and each row of knitting needles is alternately stretched and woven according to the respective aspects. The bottom and the surface of the woven sheet have the same appearance. , the woven piece is elastic. t-w4rXvF
Yuantong - the double board is full, the control keys are left and bottom right, and the code is appropriate. Yuan Tong has the same general Yuan, and the same as the Tongyuan Yuan. The common method is the same as the seamless bone. First, the noodle plate eats the line flat, then the bottom stitch is flat, and the two sides have the same course. . E9S&UU, K
Three flats - the double board is full, the bottom of the control button is closed right, the code is appropriate. After combing well, weaving the shirts and feet, adjust the code (main yuan with the same word code, four flat characters), the front of the weave is an elongated row, the back is two rows. It is because the back two are on the front Therefore, the surface is curled, and the woven sheet has higher stability and firmness than the flat stitch pattern. z,=k FI
Pit strips - also called ribs are divided into 2X1, 3X2, 4X3; 10x2, 4x1, 6x1, etc. The two boards are arranged at regular intervals, the control keys are fully open, and the code is appropriate. There are two types of needles for collecting flowers (the bottom is covered, or the bottom is closed). The upper comb, the flower is required to be diffuse, and the longitudinal alignment of the two sides forms a longitudinal grain or groove effect. ) Waz bT@
1x1 rib: British rib, alternating the front and back single-row longitudinal coils. C9FQo7
+0WI; M4i
2x2 ribbing: Swiss rib, a series of front two connected longitudinal coils alternately with two connected longitudinal coils on the back. The woven structure is highly elastic and does not curl. E:ocx2dp
** 2 empty 1 row pin: 2x2 ribs made of ribbed needles (for teeth) with 2 working pins and 1 non-working stitch. [D%5 Fh
** 2 empty 2 pin headers: double-sided machine plate with double rib stitch configuration (for needle), 揗 ring arrangement, 2 work and 2 2x2 ribs not working. Pin single side is also OK, (single Bian Gubo) When weaving the valley position, put two control buttons on the bottom edge, first flatten the semi-special, and then close the bottom two control buttons, sew the needle (single side) a few turns, then pass the bottom needle Face, forming a bulging wave shape. R7d4 5Wl
Provocation - that is, leave a space in a certain part of the shirt, and then form a pattern by the vacancy. Here is the introduction of dog teeth. It is a classic practice in provocation . 2bk~6Osp
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Inter-color - a variety of colors. u:fg?!`"
The bristles - two layers on the bottom, one color on the other, the other color on the bottom, through the velvet yarn nozzle, the face hair is tight. &{c.JDO
Beating flowers - spinning or multi-turning is contained in the needle mouth, and then weaving and half-turning the knitting is flat, and the tissue forms a flower. (also known as rim organization), there is a level of flowering and secondary flowering. Mainly through the pin header to change the difference between the first and second level of the flower. The needle has high and low feet, long tongue and short tongue, according to the flower shape It can be used for pinning . Commonly used are radish , sesame and other sesame flowers: half turn 1x1 double reverse needle. Osmanthus: one special 1x1 double reverse needle. Double sesame flower for one turn 2x2 double reverse needle. 09SLQVo
Diffuse waves - each moving to the same direction to move the board, a few turns back and forth, the resulting tissue is a diffuse wave. Mainly used for the upper comb of the crater, commonly used is the hairy spike on the sweater (wicker + diffuse wave). cn$o$:tW
%cl=n! T
Rest (thimble) ------The working principle is that if the needle that does not work is lifted up, the thread will not be eaten; thus, during the process of the woven sheet, the knitting needle of any part can be controlled to suspend or resume the state of the woven piece. Thereby achieving the collar, shoulder position, chest, lower column, pocket, shirt feet, direct type and various flower patterns. W5^m[,GU'
.A. VOf_
Flower machine hanging hair - every half turn on the needle on the needle to make a pattern of hand-made yarn (also known as hanging hair), all hand-wired. ( V9 dRn2- [
W h^9 Aq
Flower (hiccup) - the pattern is on a professional cardboard (currently 24 mesh and 28 mesh on the market), fixed on the cardboard machine, open the designated keyboard, with multiple colored yarns (up to 6 colors) ) Weaving patterns, (or regular plaques woven with a snoring head). You can also use a single color to create a variety of flower shapes. Az}.Z'LJ

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