Color and Art - Fashion Men's Brand L2 Released 2012 Spring Collection

Fashion men's brand L2 together Golden Prize designer Wang Yutao bring 2012 spring series men. Throughout the new season's design, both the deconstruction of the simple lines with delicate details of subtle changes, environmental protection, low-carbon linen and knitted cotton fabrics, or large-scale use of colorful color hit the color mosaic, personalized mix and match will 2012 popular Literary Fan children have been fully reflected. At the same time also revealed the brand's 2012 spring fashion keen sense of smell and synchronization with the global fashion. In the spring of 2012, life will return to a new starting point for the recovery of all things, full of hope and promise. L2 spring of 12 years continued the sweeping retro wave sweeping the globe and mix and match style, the color addition to the recent hot camel and eternal black, 12 years of spring at the same time push the gorgeous neutral color hit color mosaic. Regardless of the fashion workplace, or quality leisure, or personality parties can explain the different charm of men on different occasions. Color and mix and match is the key to this season. Bright colors and weird exaggerated art prints, is the joy of heart reflection. Color collisions and collage designs show emotional changes - rebellious or positive. Mixing ethnic elements with the trend of style reveals the breath of pop artists. The brand will be cleverly integrated into these elements into the fashion workplace, the quality of leisure, personalized party in these three series, urban men can find an all-round way to their own truly range of fashion children! Elegant workplace charm gentleman elegant stripes and British style child, no doubt the most suitable for the office sir! Stripes and plaid is the most classic men's design patterns and designs. In this season's design, they are inspired not only by the Scottish region but also by the different cultures of different countries. Classic plaid, lumberjack plaid and simple fine lines will continue to be popular. Lightweight fabric with simple style, so intellectual office gentleman more than literary atmosphere. Lattice control, you still HOLD live it? A romantic young literary youth a motorcycle locomotive tight short jacket, with light blue jeans, so safe with you just ordinary youth, but a little pants will be rolled up, you grasp the essence of the trend of 12 years. Yes, 2012 spring men's key word is "roll up." From spring, the higher the temperature, the higher the height of the trousers rolled up. Literary children is also more positive. In addition to jeans, casual trousers also can be a little rolled up the trousers. Short-sleeved T-shirt with linen fabric, very refreshing, punk style coupled with linen fabric hit color cardigan, yuppie full flavor, and full of personality faded jeans effect, making the overall fashion Feeling more out of place. Vivid sweater is undoubtedly the most practical 12-year spring IN single product, whether it is cardigan or hedging, have to take within the hit color T shirt or shirt. Tide People do not hurry to see if there is a wild sweater in your closet! DisplayAd ();

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