Cody dress Autumn with the National Day holiday "loaded" to be sent

Busy work finally come to an end, and plan how to enjoy this holiday it, maybe you can go to the fashionable British product a cup of fragrant afternoon tea, expect a romantic encounter, or to the art of Milan, to listen to an opera, feel Classic charm; or to Japan to enjoy a gourmet trip, in short, take a good vacation this holiday out to relax the tired body and mind! Before traveling, a good check luggage, see your "equipment" are taken with it?


Hit color long cardigan, three-dimensional trim with simple design, modern style. In the ancient streets of London, facing the cool autumn, a cup of fragrant afternoon tea, comfortable and comfortable.

歌迪丝女装秋装搭配 国庆假期整“装”待发

Dot + black shirt dress, the perfect combination of fashion and retro, walk in Piazza Scala, experience a stylish and elegant art journey.

歌迪丝女装秋装搭配 国庆假期整“装”待发

Comfortable and stylish sporty style frees your body from your clothes and gives you freedom to enjoy the perfect holiday ...

The significance of travel is to relax the mind, where does not matter where it is important is a pleasant mood. Finally, CLORIS wishes everyone a pleasant mood during the Golden Holidays.

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