Choose two pairs of shoes for daily exercise

Strong sports ankle guards

Different sports have different requirements for shoes.

Playing Basketball Basketball sports to run, jump, twisting force on the ankle, in addition to the soles of the shoes to be skid, the protection of the ankle joint is the preferred factor.

Playing Football When you play football, your feet are stressed. To prevent bruising, choose shoes that reduce shock and cushion the feet. For example, the upper is made of pure leather.

The soles of climbing shoes have staggered different lines to create different friction when going uphill and downhill. At the same time, there are special requirements for uppers and shoelaces. You can avoid toes when you go down the hill. Therefore, when climbing, choose daily The casual shoes are obviously wrong.

When choosing a shoe when walking fast, care should be taken to be light and shockproof. The sole should be flexible and soft, like a sponge bottom or a polyurethane sole, and the upper should be breathable to facilitate perspiration.

Conditional people can prepare more pairs of shoes according to different sports. Most people should also prepare at least two pairs of shoes. One pair should be used when playing sports such as playing or climbing, focusing on the selection of non-skid shoes, protecting the ankle joints, and damping shoes; One pair is used for walking and walking. It focuses on the functions of light weight, shock absorption, and breathability. Selecting pairs of shoes can not only avoid unnecessary sports injuries, but also can maximize the effect of sports.

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