CHIC2012 green box carry all the gorgeous brand appearance

On March 26-29, 2012, Green Box brought its brand MILBoy, Jenny Bear, Miss Miss Moder, HiGirl and others to the 20th China International Fashion & Accessories Fair (CHIC2012) to attract A large number of merchants and media attention. According to Yuan Feng, director of Green Box Operations Center, Green Box launched a triple-play and new marketing model across the industry. This model is based on the large-scale and strength of the green box's network operations and hopes to bring our online interests , Part of the open to the franchisee, integration of all the brand, marketing, and channel resources, with the Green Box online and offline marketing and sales of the overall market. Green Box Network Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been committed to creating the top Chinese children's clothing brand and create first-class children's clothing online shopping platform. After years of hard work, we have established a complete garment industrial chain and accumulated a wealth of operational experience from the design and development of children's clothing and related accessories to the improvement of production system support, as well as the innovative network marketing system. In the rapid development of the entire e-commerce environment, the sudden emergence of the green box has received more and more attention. In 2010, Green Box won the billion-level international investment company injection, and in the new round of children's clothing online shopping brand competition To stand out, the current green box has jumped to become the first network children's clothing sales children's wear brand, for 3 consecutive years ranked first in sales of children's clothing Taobao. Hundreds of thousands of new moms every year through the Green Box platform for children to find satisfied with the apparel products, the alarming rate of development.

Dewatering Screen Mesh is a type of screens made of steel frame and polyurethane surface. This structure ensure the high tensile strength and much better wear resistance than the woven Vibrating Screen Mesh and perforated vibrating screen mesh.

Dewatering Screen Mesh is also called polyurethane slot screen because of the narrow slot openings. The narrow slot opening is as fine as 0.1mm, which makes the screen have high efficiency and accurate dewatering performance.

The Dewatering Screen Mesh is widely used to assist in dewatering of materials. Additional, it can also provide a ramp which helps to maximize screen washing capabilities.

Dewatering Screen Mesh

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