Cabbeen Chic fall / winter 2012/2013 series new release

2012/2013 autumn and winter series theme "ICE CITY (ice city)", is a mix of trends and the spirit of the city series, with the polar high mountain hiker style. Cabbeen Chic has always been neat compact profile and design sense of the full structure of the way, in this series to block-shaped mosaic and a variety of vest design to reflect; rich variety of texture and texture of the fabric as a unique design part of the common Create a feeling of coexistence of cold and warmth. Cabbeen Chic Fall / Winter 2012/2013 This release of nearly 60 sets of apparel, black still accounts for a large proportion of short and long sections of the main, but the designer or in different materials splicing, or structural design Luster collision, or the use of stacked and match the way, so that any one of the black clothing are not monotonous. Beige, camel, gray in the season apparel is also widely used, the difference is that the fabric used in autumn clothing focus on light texture, and even contains a slightly lower profile of the bright side effects. Winter colors tend to be more natural and gentle, more inclined to match the color with a thick texture of the fabric or hair flu surface. Deep or shallow ice green Cabbeen Chic is the season's special features, supplemented by the frost blue to make the main color more full, with plum color embellishment in the new and changing printing. The first impression created by the design is the silhouette of the silhouette: the sense of volume is enhanced by the partial expansion of the effect of abundance, and it does not appear to be bloated. Due to the emphasis on the shoulder lines of the garment, even the bold and exaggerated design does not lose the sense of quality. The overall effect is fit and agile. Large pieces of segmentation, square-shaped mosaic gives a particularly impressive impression. Some of these "squares" are stitching of the body or the front of the blouse, some of them are a single clip-on style and a decorative design attached to the clothing, but in either case the "square" emphasizes the angular feeling visually Widening, full of men's chest lines, highlighting a masculine, slightly mighty temperament; inflatable leather effect fabric seems to be covered with a layer of high-tech filler, people have the confidence of a high degree of style protection; similar Felt effect of the fabric, a large number of wool fabric, woven clothing appearance is processed into a hairy look, in the cold weather, the first to bring a warm feel to the belt and tie the effect of staggered to enhance the protection of the package a feeling of. Cabbeen Chic 2012/2013 Fall Winter Collection Click for More Fashion pictures contrast with their contrasting tone to highlight Cabbeen Chic's themed prints of the season - cool from the ambient, a realistic, Water spray pattern, raindrops or fog effect, is clean and transparent, but also like the mist on the glass condensation - this idea from the "Ice City" inspiration. And the theme of the combination of printing styles mostly shirts and other autumn and winter to take a single product, echoed a sense of frost patent leather shoes.

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