Buy garnet bracelet to pay attention to what

The value of the garnet market is getting higher and higher, so what should we pay attention to when buying the garnet bracelet?

First of all, we should first know the colors of garnet, garnet in the rough stone procurement market we often see the distinction between wine red garnet and rose red garnet.

So what is the distinction between burgundy garnet and rose garnet? Under normal circumstances, the garnet ornaments seen in the shopping malls or jewelry stores are illuminated by the lights, and the colors are particularly bright. If we take the garnet ornaments to the outdoor natural light, it is easy to find the color of the garnet burgundy. In the case of peace, the color of the wine we drink is very close, and the color of the red garnet is the color of the pan-violet light. First of all, we can wear a strong light, and use the light directly on the garnet jewelry to see what color the garnet you want to buy.

The main color of garnet is dark red, so even the garnet of rose or rose purple may still be deep dark red. As far as the current garnet bracelets are common on the market, they can present bright, non-dark red rose purple, only small garnet bracelets below 8mm, and brightly colored large particles of garnet rarely flow to the consumer market.

In one is the texture of the baby we want to buy. It is simply how the crystal of garnet is. The quality of the crystal directly affects the price of this garnet bracelet. The purity of the crystal is high and the crystal is translucent. Explain that this garnet has a good character, so its price is relatively high.

We all know that garnet is a natural gemstone, so it is impossible to avoid mineral deficiency or sputum. It is normal for cotton to have cotton or ice crack inside. This is directly related to conduct. If we want to buy good products, we want to buy good products. Garnet should pay attention to whether there are a lot of mineral defects inside the crystal of garnet.

In one is the particle size of garnet purchase, because the garnet on the rough stone market is very small particles, then we have to remove a lot of impurities and raw stone skin in the process of making jewelry, then make the finished garnet The granules will be much smaller, and the garnet particles generally sold on the market will generally not exceed 10 MM.

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