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2012 BEARBEST brand children's wear autumn conference and ordering will be held March 27, 2012 -29 in Foshan City, Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. headquarters held at that time, from across the country Bear B Qi (BEARBEST) new and old customers will be gathered to share the BEARBEST brand children's clothing 2012 autumn new visual feast. Bear B Qi, show off self; 2012 Bear B Qi (BEARBEST) Chen Yuzhu, general manager, director Zeng Yuzhong led the way, the rapid expansion of shop. Since the BEARBEST brand children's clothing strong into the domestic market, with an average of three days to open a new store occupy the domestic market speed. National Union stores impressive performance, dealers smile. Business model: to franchise successful business management experience, the brand of operating mode, to create a sound and efficient brand management system Joining philosophy: less investment, low risk, quick, high return of the franchise system Brand goal: to become China Fashion brand with the characteristics of green children's clothing leading brand development direction: children's clothing brand and brand extension portfolio

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