Barra Barra has a different concept of brand children's clothing

Barra Barra, the owner of the famous Chinese leisure brand Semir China's Semir Group in Hong Kong in 2002 to create a children's wear brand, with children's wear as a starting point to "a high starting point, high-grade, low price" for the business development strategy, "pragmatic and open up , Innovation "as business philosophy," urban leisure, fashion, sports, health "style, access to the market and consumers highly recognized. Paraballa, a distinctive brand, a brand with deep insight into children, relies on an unusual brand appeal - "freeing children to release themselves freely and unleashing various temperaments" - out of a different brand Road: a different business model - Since the birth of the brand Balabala since its inception, has been adhering to the Group "a river of rivers and streams full" win-win concept, adopted by world-class brands jointly respected "virtual business, brand chain" business model, made Effective development. Different brand strategy - "Thousands of shop project" to achieve, prompting Balabala to "10,000 shops, billions of brands," a higher strategic goal and work hard, determined to become the benchmarking children's clothing industry brand. Different Brand Philosophy - By studying the nature of children, Barra Barra put forward the new growth concept of "free and unrestrained" children. Advertising slogans of "different childhood" caused many parents and children to resonate and grow up happily The new way of thinking is recognized by more and more parents. Different Consumer Experiences - From "Single Kids Costumes" to "A Diversified Products, One Stop Shopping Environment," the consumer experience of Barra Barbea continuously meets the needs of children's free and happy growth. Different strategic achievements - from "unknown" to "synonymous with the children's wear industry," Barra Barra made remarkable achievements in brand building, market size, industry influence and so on, and promote China's children's wear brand development of. "The amazing growth rate, the success of Barra Barla changed the pattern of children's wear in China, but also make all the hope for their infinite." China Apparel brand Grand Prix Contest Organizing Committee on the evaluation of Barra Barra.

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