Apparel Network Batch Needs Attention in Several Places

Editor's Note: Apparel Industry Apparel must pay attention to the following recommendations for a few days, in which integrity is the most important.

1. In the process of net batching, they were hit or directly cheated.

1 wrong version of the goods were cheated, this is the situation most of the cheated now, many of which are pictures looked very beautiful but dumbfounded after receiving the goods. Such a company is a professional liar. They sent the rags every day and sent them to cheat this one, but you can't get them. Because they also shipped, they also exchanged goods. They can afford it, and customers can't do it. This situation is now more.

2 purely cheated, even a piece of rags can not receive. These swindlers are guerrilla warfare. Hit a *for a place. Specially used magazine pictures and other websites to download the beautiful pictures, said the hype, after-sales to you to say comfortable. Let you do not have to worry about playing money, but the money went missing, or even worse, requires customers to send money to them before delivery. It is really shameless.

3 Their own vanity deceived the development of their own network and provided opportunities for fraudsters. They resorted to the unsound development of network approvals and at the same time made use of the Internet to purchase customers' greed and the lack of self-protection knowledge of the net batch. The use of some beautiful magazine pictures and foreign-language photos, coupled with their fudge and the vanity of their customers has led to many people being cheated. In fact, if the customers are not greedy, they will not be cheated. Great. There are many ways to prevent fraud. I don't repeat them one by one. In short, I have to remember one sentence. Everyone loves beauty, but after all, wholesale is not retail, you have to look at details and real shots. Every day, they want to be fashionable, popular, and graded, but when it comes to price, they only choose cheap ones. A penny-and-a-share product is a wholesale product in the market. Why is it so cheap to wear a beautiful picture on the Internet? Do not say that the deceived was cheated. It is your own vanity that deceived you.

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve integrity network approval. I simply say a few ways.

1. Stick to the real thing, you are not buying a thing. You come to wholesale. The model is beautiful. However, it is impossible to come to your shop. The customers are models, so come to the net group of friends, please put away from you. Reality vanity. It's best to find a honest, real-life business.

2. Look at the details, and the scammers don't spend much time trying to make so many details for you. Because the details can best show real goods.

3. Communicate with businesses and ask some details and topics within the industry. The average liar is not aware of so much.

4. The network is transparent, you just need to add the name of the other party's shop with a liar to search in Baidu or other search engines. As long as there are swindlers who can see the stain. If not then it is reliable. However, light search still cannot work. Learn to analyze it because you do not rule out malicious attacks by certain competitors.

5. The most important step, as long as the regular online shopping or network approval, the first transaction try to use Alipay and other third-party payment platforms. This is the safest way. As long as the goods can not be collected or not paid, unless they looted, or absolutely safe.

Once bitten, twice shy. This is correct, but the society always progresses. We must have an open mind before we can walk in front of others. If we were afraid of the wolf and fear the tiger, then you will always be behind others. The net batch is not terrible. What is terrible is the ignorance of the net batch. As long as you keep your eyes open, put your mind in focus, and observe with your heart, you will find a suitable partner for you. Once it is found, it is the treasure you explored, because the real business will not be foolish enough to lie to you and lose a customer. That can only be self-destruction. This era is advancing. You only have to walk in front of others to gain more from others.

Here I also call for and advocate all friends who do network approval, stand tall and look far. Do not do business that you should not do, and don't take money that you should not take. Want to develop on the web. The only pass is credibility.

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