Anjima Mei women's dress to help you show the unique self-extreme charm

Anji Shamei cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural fabrics, pink, pink blue, light green, beige, purple smoke, milk white, brown ... ... just like to describe the romantic European chanson. Combination of embroidery, three-dimensional, Pinchu embroidery, diamond, Dingzhu and other fine craftsmanship classic features, with the ultimate Baroque charm.


Angie Mei's target consumer groups for the 20-36-year-old modern knowledge of women's well-designed exquisite fashion ladies casual women , let them endless desire for life, pay attention to every detail of the soul of life experience, a higher aesthetic ability and stability income.

安吉莎梅女装 帮你展现独特的自我极致魅力

Aesthetic, romantic, luxurious, melting East-West cultural spirit. Gentle high-quality fabrics, beautiful details can be reflected. Emphasize the natural and comfortable, refined and elegant style of dress and romantic taste of life, highlight the unique curvaceous women ... ...

Material: Nylon Hook loop & EVA foam or rubber.

Features and usage:

1) Wrap strap around out of the ski, securing together with the skis and easy to carry.

2) Any color, any size & LOGO printing acceptable upon customers' request.

3) Hook and Loop design makes the Ski Straps flexible and adjustable.

4) All of the Cross Country Ski straps have passed ROHS&SGS, in line with the European environmental protection standards.

5) Specification: 50X440MM, 40X440MM, 40X480MM, 55X135MM, 57X136MM, 75X140MM...,

any size can be customized as per buyers' request.

6) Alpine Ski Strap protects your ski bottoms and keep your skis together while you carry them.

We recommend using two ski ties per ski set. Place a strap at each point where the bases

contact, to prevent scratches and maintain the correct shape of the ski bases.

MOQ :1000pcs

Ski Strap

Ski Straps,Ski Holder Strap,Adjustable Nylon Ski Strap,Nordic Ski Strap

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