Ai Lai Yi fashion down jacket hand in hand "Encyclopedia said" to cheer for health

Hunan Satellite TV "Encyclopedia of China", which once blinded the national health wave on the screen, will be exclusively named in the third season by Ai Laiyi's fashion down jacket and returned to the country during the National Day.

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Ai Lai Yi fashion down jacket hand in hand "Encyclopedia said" to cheer for health

As the talk show of the first large-scale smart life in China, Hunan Satellite TV "Encyclopedia" has drawn much attention since it was broadcasted. Some health and wellness content in the program has become a topic of discussion in the neighbors. However, Season broadcast, every night at half past seven waiting for "encyclopedic", health every day, has become a lot of the audience's living habits.

As the leader of China's fashion down jacket, Ai Laiyi adheres to the concept of "designing for life" and advocates that fashion is a kind of attitude towards life. In the meantime, "Laying tribute to fashion" advocates a healthy life style. Islay by the "Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia" program, hope and consumers together, enjoy health and enjoy the fashion. With a healthy life, fashion can be more exciting.

Islay by the third season and "Encyclopedic" powerful alliances will be more precise positioning in the "meet all age groups of people in all areas of healthy life, practical demands", the program is still centered on health care topics, each week to invite different experts to Audience Q & A, interpretation of autumn and winter health book. This kind of expert consultation won the audience's love of pulse practice, while entertaining the program has also increased the knowledge.

The third quarter of Islay by the fashion down jacket "Encyclopedia said" will be held October 2 Golden Arch 19:30 at Hunan Satellite TV to meet with the audience. Healthier lifestyles and a more stylish lifestyle concept, starting from Sunday, October 2, 19:30 every Sunday to Wednesday, together with Islay, locking in the Encyclopaedia to fuel health!

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